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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Build up, despite

Build up, despite
While the Country continues its never ending crisis, and while Government, International Community, UN Peace Keepers, (some) NGOs and (some) Communities seem to be making their best in keeping instability and doing as little as possible, we try to complaining  less and to working more!  
This week in Bozoum, we have had three beautiful events which we consider three very "good" news.
On Saturday, our Bozoum Savings Bank (CEC Bozoum) celebrated 10 years of life. An initiative which began soundlessly and now can proudly count nearly 2,000 saving members. Because of such positive success they decided to celebrate the event with a beautiful initiative: the gift of 25 mattresses to Bozoum Hospital. It's nice to give back to the city, it's nice to have thought of a concrete gesture, it's great that the gift is the result of the savings and the work of the Savings Bank and not of other entities usual help.
Monday morning another "beautiful" news: the beginning of 2 weeks of Accounting and Management training, for students who have finished our high school and for a dozen people working in the Hospital Administration and other Public Institutions.
Tuesday night we received one more "beautiful" news: the publication of the results of the Maturity Tests we were waiting for. Unfortunately, the results on all of Central Africa are rather catastrophic. Of the 16,180 candidates, only 929 were promoted (5.74%). Then there are the "Admissible": students who can retry the test for one or two insufficient subjects (if they pass, they will be promoted).
At our ”Lycée St.Augustin” among 17 candidates 8 are promoted, 8 of them "admissible" and only one  rejected. It's a great result!
These are more solid stones in building up the Central Africa Republic.

Formazione Contabilità - Gestione
Formation Comptabilità - Gestion

Ritorno degli Scout
Retour des Scouts

Gli alunni del nostro Liceo St Augustin

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Travels and people

Una sfida all'ortografia. NE CHERCHE PAS A SAVOIR
Vive l'orthographe: NE CHERCHE  PAS A SAVOIR

Travels and people
On Friday, July 7th, we leave Bouar, going to Yaounde, Cameroon capital. 
We face a distance of bit more than 700 km with the usual surprises at the borders, so we journey calmly. We travel in five: Father Saverio, Father Cyriaque, brother Louise Blaise, Sister Christine who leaves Bozoum in her way back to Congo and me.  Going through the borders this time it was easier, although in any case, the travel documents’ checking it takes a good hour and a half. After a short stop at Garoua Boulay we continue towards Bertoua, where we spend the night.
Traveling is always an unknown! On the road there are many trucks, some with interesting written advertising, while watching the landscape and the people it’s always very much interesting.  
On Saturday we leave at 5.30 am, and at 10 am we are in Yaounde. Here the Carmelites have two communities. We make a short stop at Nkoabang parish located right at the entrance to the city, and then we go to the convent of Nkolbisson. As usual in the city there is a very heavy traffic, requiring almost an hour to go through. In the afternoon and on Sunday we meet with the fathers living here. There are also two fathers of our Province: Father Domenico Rossi and Father Marco Gazzoli.
On Sunday afternoon I give a ride towards  Yaounde Airport to Father Saverio, our Provincial Superior who is going back to Italy. On Monday morning I went to the Carmelite Nuns to celebrate Mass, and also to give them some advice on their wood-burning oven! In the afternoon myself and Father Cyriaque begin our trip back home. We spend the night at Bertoua, and on Tuesday we leave early morning and at 11.30 am we are already in Bouar. I continue on, arriving at Bozoum in the evening.
In these days here in Bozoum rumors of an attack by Seleka are frightening everybody. They are no more than 100 km from us. Many traders have run away, and we try to calm down people, even with simple actions, such as going to the market to buy few tomatoes.
We hope for the best.

Friday, July 7, 2017

against the current

against the current
Once arrived, on Friday afternoon, at Bozoum, we stay at home on Saturday and Sunday enjoying the presence of Father Saverio our newly elected Provincial Superior.
On Sunday morning we celebrate the solemn Eucharist with Fr. Enrico and Fr. Saverio. After the Mass, the Women's Promotion Center "Cana" presents the work done by girls and women during this school year. The Center, supported by the friends of of Prague, gives the opportunity to about 40 women being able to attend educational courses, lasting 3 years, of childcare, sewing, embroidery, family economy, cooking...
In the afternoon, I leave with Father Saverio towards Bouar and Baoro, where we arrive around 6.00 pm, after covering about 180 km. On Monday, the Provincial meets the fathers of our community, while in the meantime I dedicate myself to put in place faucets and other fitting taps, to make the community's new kitchen operational, which we inaugurate with a well-deserved dish of homemade noodles.
In the afternoon we leave towards Bouar, to visit St. Elia’s Community. While leaving I receive a call from Bozoum, where are circulating voices of an imminent attack from Seleka, an armed group that rages in much of the country. As I follow the situation, I try to inform the UN Peace Makers to understand what they can do about. As we wait to see how the situation develops, we take the decision to send out of danger the Congolese Sisters. The next morning I and Father Norberto, leaving at 4.30 am, are driving back to Bozoum. We do not feel comfortable in leaving Father Enrico alone, as we do not want to abandon the people of Bozoum. We arrive at 7.30 am, and fortunately the armed men of the Seleka seem to have dispersed far from Bozoum about fifty miles, and for now the attack is avoided. Around 10 am I walk downtown. It’s an way to give kind of calm to the people. Seeing us the people regain confidence. At 1.00 pm we hear some shots. They are not the criminals of Seleka, but the antibalaka (young people in the city and surroundings): they attacked the police depriving the policemen of their weapons.
Wednesday, as the situation seems to be stable, I go back to Bouar with Father Enrico, because in the afternoon and the following day we have meetings with the other fathers of Mission Delegation. We enjoy emotional and wonderful moments of discussion, reflection sharing our experiences about the journey that the Carmel Order is doing in Central Africa.
Tomorrow morning, Friday July 7th, we leave with the Provincial towards Yaounde, Cameroon, where Father Saverio will end his pastoral visit.


Saturday, July 1, 2017


The school year in Bozoum is finished. At present we just began working for the end of school year in the villages: some twenty schools, for a total of 2,500 students. These schools are located in the faraway villages, where the state school does not exist. At the end of each quarter, about forty teachers meet in Bozoum, and together, under the supervision of Father Norberto and George, the school animator, correct the kids’ tests and write down the report cards.
Monday is the birthday of Sister Lydie, the nurse Sister. Thierry, one of Caritas' animators, also remembers is birthday and we have a common celebration for both of them. Early afternoon I go to Bangui, where I arrive at late night.
On Tuesday, I’m with the Fathers of the community, and I meet the young students of theology one after another. At 4.00 pm, under a heavy rainfall, I’m on the road which has become a river, and I go to the airport to welcome Father Enrico, back from Italy, and Father Saverio, our new Provincial Superior. Father Saverio had been here in Central Africa from 1998 to 2004, and after a few years in Italy and Israel, has just been chosen by our Province Chapter as Superior. In these days he meets Fathers and Students visiting all the communities, taking the various decisions, which will also involve some relocation of our Missionaries.
On Wednesday morning I go to the Nunciature to welcome the new Nuncio. For him too is a coming back to Centrafrica, where he worked as Secretary to the Nuncio from 1998 to 2001. We welcome him with other priests, religious and sisters, a little symbol of the Church that he is called to serve in the name of the Pope.
On Friday morning, together with Father Saverio, I leave driving towards Bozoum.